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    Business Solutions & System Requirements

Adhartas Consulting Inc. has over twenty years of experience helping clients define their business problems and requirements.  We have developed a proven methodology that assists our clients to clearly articulate and understand their business needs in a manner that allows them to effectively communicate them to business executives, as well as to information technology and information management organizations.  Our extensive experience in system development and our understanding of the technical environment has enabled us to develop an approach that ensures that our business clients have the opportunity to express their requirements in terms of what they know – their business, while ensuring that they are documented in a manner that will facilitate communication with technical resources.

Our five step approach ensures that we are able to deliver high quality outputs in a reasonably short period of time.  We utilize a facilitated workshop approach but it is not your typical Workshop!  Our methodology can also be adapted to an interview approach if the situation warrants.

 We begin by defining the problem and the expected outcomes of the process.

Utilizing an international modeling standard, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), we work with our clients and stakeholders to develop high-level models that detail the processes and activities that are in scope.  These models are not intended to capture every possible scenario; however, they do represent a high level understanding of the processes and activities, sufficient to support discussions, requirements identification and solution/ system design.  The models provide context and scope and are used as a foundation for the Workshop. 

Significant effort is spent on planning for the Workshop to ensure that all participants are well-prepared and ready to actively participate.  Taking the time to develop an approach and time boxed Agenda, ensures that participants are able to achieve the workshop objectives in the time allotted and enables the facilitator to conduct the workshop in a methodical manner. 


Within a few days post-workshop, detailed Workshop Notes, updated Business Process Models and a Features/ Requirements Repository are delivered.   This documentation is of sufficient detail that it can be used as input to a variety of activities, including          Business Case Development, Gap Analysis, System/Solution Design and Communication.